Home Studio Policies


I teach out of my home studio on the Northwest side of San Antonio. Once you sign up as a student, I will send you my address and phone number.



Lessons cost $60/hour. Your first month’s payment is due at your first lesson. Thereafter, payment for the month must be paid by the first lesson of the month for the whole month. I prefer to be paid with cash or check but, I offer the option to pay online for your convenience. Checks can be made out to Constanza Roeder. Chronically late-paying students will be dropped. If you are a new student or just need a couple of lessons, then go through the sign-up process below and then contact me with your specific needs.



Lessons occur once a week on a month-to-month basis.  Students are expected to be on time, and well-prepared for every lesson. Notice of Absences must be made at least 48 hours in advance to be issued a make-up credit. Unexcused absences, include forgetting a lesson or any other last minute, non-emergency cancellations, will not be issued a make-up credit. A day for make-up lessons will be arranged at my convenience, at which time students can sign up for a time slot. Students are allowed a maximum of 3 make-up lessons per year. If I miss any lesson due to illness or any other emergency, I will either issue a make-up credit or credit the student’s account toward the next month of lessons.



Students are required to keep a daily practice log on the website. The parent’s login page shows their child’s practice log so they can keep track of your progress. I recommend that a regular time be set aside each day for a minimum of 30 minutes of practicing. More time may be needed in preparation for performances. Progress simply will not be made without outside effort. Any problems/questions uncovered during home practice sessions should be written down in the practice log to be discussed in the next lesson. I reserve the right to refuse to teach any student who is either chronically unprepared or not progressing due to a lack of outside effort. See my How to Practice page for information on how to practice effectively.



My studio hosts 1-2 recitals a year. Some recitals may require a live accompanist to be paid for by the participating students. I will notify you of recital dates and the cost to participate as the time approaches.



It is the student’s responsibility to provide their own audio recording device to record vocal exercises, melodies and accompaniments. Most smart phones and tablets have a voice recording function with enough sound quality to be perfectly adequate for lessons. Each lesson will be recorded so the student can go back and listen to the lesson to practice with during the week. In addition to a voice recorder, the student is required to bring a three-ring binder to each lesson to keep music organized with blank paper to write notes



If you are a new student, click on the Sign-up Page. Once you sign up, you will receive your login information and I will contact you to set up a time.


Note: save my website to your “favorites” in your browser for easy access.