A Message to Artists

A Message to Artists

What is an artist’s role in a world with so much suffering? The world is heavy with sadness: the shooting in Orlando, another cancer diagnosis, another natural disaster, another mother loses her child. Victims cry out in anger and pain.

All I have are my pen and my voice. What can I possibly offer in the face of so much darkness?

I came across a quote a couple weeks ago in the book Scribbling in the Sand, by Michael Card. Mr. Card quotes a letter he received from Makoto Fujimura a couple months after September 11th, 2001. Mr. Fujimura worked as an artist one block away from the World Trade Center.

I hope it encourages you as much as it did me.

“In the theater of life, we see in the darkness and suffering all around us a world that beckons for our arrival. Our creative endeavors are mandated to begin with that understanding of suffering and darkness. Art helps us to confront darkness head-on. For that reason, we must continue to create in order to announce our arrival on the stage of life. We need to help our brothers and sisters articulate their suffering. We need to be willing to sacrifice and through that sacrifice give birth to a true community.”

-Scribbling in the Sand, by Michael Card

Let us continue to confront darkness.

Soldier on, dear friends.


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