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Hi! I’m Constanza Aileen Roeder but, my friends call me Stanzy.

I am the Founder and President of Hearts Need Art: Creative Support for Adults with Cancer. My aim is to encourage the community of cancer travelers through stories and music.  The arts and the power of community helped facilitate my own healing after my doctor diagnosed me with Leukemia at the age of 13. Thanks to two and-a-half years of chemotherapy, I’ve been cancer free for 13 years. I studied music in college and now work as a singer, songwriter, voice teacher, and musician-in-residence at a local hospital.

This is my 7th year singing for patients with cancer patients in the hospital. I am blessed to accompany them on their journey. I want all my patients to know, “You are not alone. Together we can find the courage to take the next step.”

I have found that music and stories have the power to cut through pain in those who are hurting and facilitates emotional and physical healing in the broken. Music and stories encourage me when I am down, help me cry when I need an emotional release, and imprint truths on my heart that otherwise would remain uselessly stuck in my head. Art integrally impacted my own recovery so, I know it has the power to help others.

I pray every day that God’s light will shine through this broken vessel. I hope you are blessed in some small way as you visit my site.



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  1. My son Zach met Stanzy in April this year when she came to the hospital to visit with patients and the connection between them was immediate and palpable. He really drew an energy from you Stanzy, and looked forward to your weekly visits so he could talk with you about music and its healing powers. He identified with your journey and listened intently to your beautiful original music and lyrics. So empowering to him … and for myself too.
    THANK YOU for sharing your time, your story, your journey, your frustrations and especially your successes. Stay real!!!

    Keep it real

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